Spectator Guide

Whether you're interested in watching the pros, cheering on a friend or just experiencing a triathlon, the Minocqua Triathlon offers a spectator-friendly course. All three legs of the race can be viewed within walking distance of the swim start, and there will be plenty of room for your family and friends at the event finish and Post Race Party.


There is no parking at the site. There also is only one way in & out of the race area which the athletes use on the run & bike portion of the race. So safety is a concern. You must park at the Holy Family Catholic Church. There will be passenger vans shuttling people back and forth to the race site starting 1 hour before the race & after the awards presentation & Post Race Party. Shuttle & parking at remote lots is free.


The swim takes place at Clear Lake Picnic Area with the start/finish located adjacent the beach. If you're planning to watch for a particular athlete, it's key to know their race #, wet suit or cap color.


After exiting the swim, triathletes will follow the lakefront path to the transition area about 25 yards south of the swim exit. The transition area is fully fenced & easy to find with bikes racked together awaiting their riders.


After the 1st transition, triathletes enter Hwy J and bike to Hwy E (sprint turns near Gilmore Creek) then a short distance on Hwy D near the Wisconsin River & Rainbow Flowage then down Gypsy Lake Rd.  Athletes do one lap & return to transition.


After completing the bike, athletes enter transition, rack their bikes, put on their running shoes & exit transition on the south end.


Athletes head towards the Raven Trail . After a challenging back woods trail run runners will enter Woodruff Rd (sprint runners course is entirely on the raven trail). Then on to Fish Hatchery Rd & Hwy J bike lane. & back to the finish Line. You can easily see a runner twice on the course, on the way out & heading back.


  • Tell your athlete where you'll be on the course so they can look for you as well.
  • Know the course. Look over the map in advance so you know what to expect on race day.
  • Know your athlete's start time & projected times for each leg of the event. This should give you a good idea of when they'll arrive at any point on the course.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to park. Plan to arrive early.
  • Be careful along the course. Don't get in the way of athletes & if you need to cross the course, make sure you're in the clear and obey the commands of the police and course marshals.
  • Have a meeting spot for after the race.
  • Remember your essentials: hat, sunscreen, sunglasses & bottled water, camera

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